Cadence Talks 2021 in association with Procurex National

With the UK Government spending £290 billion on public procurement each year, there’s never been a better time to engage the B2G marketplace. 

Identifying where opportunities exist is essential – but it’s not the only thing successful organisations do to build more public sector business. Marketing products and services directly to those organisations and personnel that are both setting strategy and are actively engaged within the procurement cycle is a vital part of a winning approach. 

Hosted every month by Cadence Marketing, our free ‘Cadence Talks’ webinar series connects you with valuable insight, best practice and proven techniques which enable your business to showcase its products and services with key government decision makers, influencers and buyers.  

By attending, you’ll learn about how buyers think and act, the challenges they face – and how you can help resolve them – and the marketing techniques that cut through the noise and position your business as a valued partner rather than just another supplier.  

Ensure that your organisation stays ahead of its competition by participating in the forthcoming Cadence Talks events. 

“B2G Marketing – Good To Great” Part 2: In association with Procurex National 2021 

 11am Wednesday 4 August – Duration 45mins 

In today’s ever-changing marketplace it is essential that organisations understand who their customers are and how to connect their products and services through a range of proven marketing techniques.  

This free to attend live webinar will provide attendees within a rare opportunity to gain an understanding of to positively connect and influence the public sector across the following areas:  

  • Understanding Your Customer 
  • How To Develop Effective Content Marketing Programmes  
  • Know your audience – who are the buyers, and how is the landscape changing? 
  • Current Market Trends and Opportunities 

Each attendee will also receive a complimentary copy of “Your Effective Route To B2G Marketing”, in addition the latest edition of our Public Procurement Market Trends Report, which highlights where new opportunities are emerging. 

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