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CPD Certified Webinar Programme

To help buyers and suppliers across the public sector, the Procurex National Training Partner – Procurement Advice and Support Service (PASS) – will be creating a range of resources to help navigate the challenges: ensuring that you are able to work effectively, compliantly and responsively in a dynamic and fast-changing environment.

See below for details of current and planned webinars taking place over the coming weeks. Procurex National would be delighted to welcome you to these webinars – View below to register for your place today.

Buyer Webinars

COVID-19 – Managing Change in your Contract

Thursday 11 June at 1100

Many contracts have experienced change in the last three months, as the need to amend or extend has impacted across all areas of procurement.

Change, however, must be auditable and this webinar looks at the key aspects of managing change, past and future, to ensure your authority is free from challenge.

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Developing your Business Case

Monday 15 June at 1100

Procurement starts in many ways, from stakeholders to expiring contracts, however truly successful procurement will always benefit from developing a business case at the outset.

This webinar looks at the key elements that will help you to produce a high level business case, which in turn will help to define your outline specification.

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COVID-19 – Alternative Evaluation Models

Thursday 18 June at 1100

In the UK buyers commonly use a method of tender evaluation known as the standard differential model.

Chances are you’ve used it and not even realised. Whilst this method has it’s benefits, it doesn’t suit every type of procurement.

This webinar looks at various alternative evaluation models that are used by other buyers.

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Supplier Webinars

Introduction to Public Procurement

Friday 12 June at 1400

Procurement can seem confusing when you are new to the market, with procedures and frameworks and selection and award.

This webinar takes a high level overview of the key basics that newer parties to public sector tendering need to know.

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COVID-19 – Common Mistakes when Tendering

Tuesday 16 June at 1100

Strange as it may seem, many contractors make the same mistakes, time and again, when bidding for public contracts.

Often it’s down to assuming the buyer already knows, other times it’s the result of not reading things clearly.

This webinar looks at the key errors bidders commit consistently when tendering to the public sector.

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Your Rights to Challenge

Friday 19 June at 1100

The tender has been evaluated, the standstill notice tells you that you have been unsuccessful and you don’t believe you were evaluated fairly, but what can you do?

This webinar looks at the various routes to challenge open to contractors and what rights you have, to take a contracting authority to task over their decision.

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Restoration and Recovery: New Opportunities in Local Government

Wednesday 24 June at 1100

Local Government is one of, if not the most, diverse areas of the public sector – with countless opportunities for businesses of all types and sizes to supply goods and services.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, BiP Solutions’ contract notice data has shown Local Government to be a consistent and resilient customer – focused on delivering essential services while coping with the impact of the virus.

As we move towards recovery, local government’s requirements are changing. Suppliers need to understand what COVID-19, Brexit and other major themes will mean for them and their customers.

This free webinar, presented in association with the Local Government Expo 2020, explains how suppliers can most effectively engage with this marketplace and what requirements buyers will have in the future. It also gives deep insight into how procurement works in this sector: arming you with the knowledge you require to bid successfully.

The webinar is co-hosted by Darren Knowd – Chief Procurement Officer at Durham County Council, and Chair of the Local Government Association’s National Advisory Group. Darren will bring his extensive procurement expertise to the event, including an overview of the latest Cabinet Office Procurement Policy Note, concerning Restoration and Recovery.

Darren is joined by Phil Kinnell from BiP’s Procurement Advice and Support Service. Phil will give valuable insight into how to get started in this sector, the procurement rules that apply and how to successfully identify, bid for and win tenders.

The webinar also provides an overview from two BiP services - with Tracker showing how to access the many opportunities that exist in the market and Cadence Marketing demonstrating how to engage effectively with local government buyers, using its powerful contacts database.

There will also be an overview of LGPE 2020 – showing how participating can increase visibility of your business to the major players in this sector. All essential information that will give you the edge over your competitors, and help build your share of business from this huge and diverse sector.

The webinar includes the opportunity for you to ask Darren and Phil questions – so secure your place today

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