Officially supported by Crown Commercial Service, Procurex National 2024 connects buyers and suppliers from across the UK’s public procurement sector.

The event offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments shaping the future of the UK’s public procurement sector such as the impact of procurement reform; the growing importance of social value and net zero, and what this means for both buyers and suppliers.

The public sector marketplace is worth more than £393bn annually and is made up of various bodies and organisations, from hospitals and schools to central government, blue light services and universities.

 The size and complexity of the sector and a renewed focus on value for money, transparency and the need for modernisation makes it critical that organisations selling to the public sector or trying to break into the marketplace for the first time, fully understand how public procurement works.

What's happening at Procurex National?

Procurex National provides both buyers and suppliers with a unique opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills, in addition to sharing best practice through the extensive networking, showcase and collaboration opportunities including: