Skills Development Zones

The future of procurement is changing for both buyers and suppliers. This new landscape will see it take on a more strategic role to help deliver social value, play a key role in achieving net zero targets through sustainability, enhance communities and ultimately deliver better value in public procurement. We also have the emergence of disruptive technology such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Big Data – all of which will change the way procurement is done.

Our Skills Development Zones will explore these challenges, allowing delegates to learn more about the key enablers underpinning this transformation and how they can effectively engage with and support its intended outcomes.

What are the requirements for public sector buyers and suppliers regarding sustainability and net zero targets, and how can organisations bring social value into the public procurement process and use it to their advantage?

Hear from some of the biggest names in the UK procurement sector on the most valued skills professionals will need moving forward, the value of increased diversity in the sector, and what the General Election could mean for the future of procurement.

What does the future hold for the public procurement sector against the backdrop of the new Procurement Act and technological change, and how can organisations ensure they are not left behind by these changes?

The Procurement Excellence Zone will play host a series of inspiring sessions from past GO Awards winners on how they delivered their most successful projects, their main learnings, and how others can replicate their success.

What are the best procurement processes and frameworks to follow for buyers and suppliers involved in social housing procurement, and how can they deliver sustainability and other benefits whilst keeping to regulations and budgets?

How can suppliers utilise early market engagement strategies to conduct business with buyers from government, health, education, defence and more, and where do the current and future opportunities lie for existing and aspiring suppliers?